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iPhone Artwork Woman — Takin’ Up With ‘Nother Ramblin’ Man. © 2023, Meri…

Takin’ Up With ‘Nother Ramblin’ Man. © 2023, Meri Aaron Walker, iPhoneArtGirl. Ashland, OR. All rights reserved. 

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Okay, accomplished gone ‘n obtained blended up with ‘nother ramblin man, I reckon.

However Joshua Rascal Walker’s Sunday nite ramble made it clear I ain’t no younger idiot schoolgirl no extra.

Was proper happy when my little Man accomplished confirmed up the following mornin’ after vanishin’bout 5 PM. Scared me half to demise, couldn’t determine how he obtained away and nonetheless ain’t certain how he obtained again.

Ain’t obtained no sleep Sunday eve, both. All’s I wished was to heave afore he come again. My emotions was all twisted up when he confirmed up, you might say.

He was soiled as a hog in slop, no denyin’ that.

So, afta’bit, I accomplished washed him, actual gentle-like. Once I obtained the water stress simply so, he began tremblin’ them lips, shakin’em like Elvis. Entire lotta shakin’ goin’ on, not the unhealthy type – glad shakin. Eyes shut, head thrown again, arms unfold extensive.

When it was accomplished, I gave him a tender towelin’ off. No noisy, nerve-janglin’ sizzling air blowers messin’ with my man. Oh no, no, no. Mama takes correct care of her little Man.

Ain’t nothin’ however the perfect for my Josh.

As soon as we made our manner again house, he took hissef an excellent nap. (Lord is aware of he wanted it after no matter he was as much as that night time…)

As soon as he awoke, I fetched him a toy to tear into. Then we had ourselves an actual critical discuss ’bout how I obtained wants to grasp when he wants his personal house.

Earlier than, not afta.

Trendy lady I’m, worth my independence. We don’t gotta be clingin’ like ivy.

However I advised him I gots t’be in control of after I’m gettin’ some SPACE on this relationship. Can’t have “house” sneakin’ up on me from behind.

At 73, it ain’t like after I was younger and could possibly be runnin’ spherical plasterin’ poles with misplaced canine posters. Them energetic days are lengthy gone. My nerves can’t take it when somebody I really like simply up and disappears.

This week marks two months of me ‘n’ Josh collectively, an actual story like Harold and Maude. He’s a yr and a half, however he’s obtained an outdated soul, ’bout 45 in there. Me, I’m 73, feelin’ like a sprightly 13 ½.

Each of us tryin’ our hardest to make sense of what’s betwixt us ‘trigger we fancy one another, although we’re worlds aside.

So, I desires y’all to know I accomplished made my peace with our boundary dialog so’s you may assist maintain me to it.

Jus’ have a look at Josh’s face in that image up prime and also you’ll see he gave the scenario a real ponder.

The best way he labored it out in his thoughts was to go on and signal proper up for a shiny new Uncover Card, gettin’ DOUBLE CASH BACK on all his buys until yr’s finish. Promised he’d hand over the money to Mama quickly because it comes.

Since we ain’t been collectively lengthy, I reckoned I may make do with that for now. Me bein’ a fireplace survivor and all, I wants the assistance.

Would quite jus’be with him all day, daily, however appears he ain’t fairly prepared for that degree of religious dedication. So ’til he’s, I’ll carry on truckin’ as his Materials Woman Mama, livin’ in a fabric world… takin’ all that double money again he’ll hand over.


However that’s not what l’m on this for wit’him. I need the entire enchilada. I need his entire coronary heart.

I may be affected person.

However, I can already see most of his double money again goin’ in the direction of me buyin’ him toys ‘trigger he tears ’em up sooner’n a jackrabbit.

But, what else can I do? That little critter’s so dadgum cute, I can’t hardly take my eyes or palms offa him.

I would like all y’all to assist maintain me to my short-term compromise now, y’hear?

And I nonetheless am going to be thankin’ all y’all my entire life for helpin’ me get via that ramblin’ nite. You simply let me know if considered one of your love ones goes ramblin’ and I’ll be prayin’ with you until they arrive house.

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