FPP Introduces SUN 16mm / 35mm Coloration Adverse!

FPP SUN Color 35mm Film
24 exp / ISO 1 / Course of: C-41 / No DX-Code
To be used in a guide 35mm digital camera solely! Not to be used in any level and shoot cameras.

FPP SUN Color 16mm Film
Double Perforated / ISO 1 / Course of: ECN-2
Additionally obtainable in 16mm Magazine Film

The Putting New 35mm Low ISO Coloration Adverse Movie from the Movie Pictures Mission. 

Shoot in broad daylight. For distinctive, distinctive colour motion pictures with altered blues and vibrant reds select FPP SUN Coloration, the most recent low ISO colour unfavorable film movie from the Movie Pictures Mission. FPP SUN Coloration is a technical movie designed for making contact prints in a lab. When shot in your 35mm SLR digital camera, it delivers a colour palette in contrast to every other colour movie!

FPP Coloration is a low-speed colour 35mm movie to be used in guide SLR cameras. In case your digital camera can’t be set to ISO 1, you’ll be able to dial in ISO 25 after which open up 5 extra f-stops. One other (higher) possibility is to make use of a hand-held mild meter (just like the Sekonic or Gossen Luna Professional F) or use a Mild Meter App in your Good Cellphone. Meant to be used in shiny daylight, FPP Coloration can adapt to decrease lighting circumstances with an extended shutter velocity and use of a tripod. FPP Coloration is processed utilizing normal C-41 colour processing.

How do I set my f-stop? Use a hand-held mild meter (just like the Gossen Luna Pro F) or a Light Meter App

Don’t wish to Meter? Use this “cheat sheet” in broad daylight.
1/250th sec @ f1.4
1/one hundred and twenty fifth sec @ f2
1/sixtieth sec @ f2.8
1/thirtieth sec @ f4
1/fifteenth sec @ f5.6

SUN Film Movie – when capturing 16 16fps – 1/thirtieth sec @ f4

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