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The best way to Construct a Loyalty Program

Present Notes:

Jakievious’s Introduction (1:16)

How would you sum up what a loyalty program is? (5:05)

When did Jakievious resolve to implement a loyalty program in his enterprise? (9:15)

How does Jakievious sum up the advantages of a loyalty program to his enterprise? (12:12)

Which genres of images can profit from a loyalty program? (13:48)

What 5 steps ought to photographers take to implement a loyalty program? (19:05)
1. Consistency and loyalty to your model
2. Date your shoppers (construct sturdy relationships)
3. Monitor KPI’s (Key Efficiency Indicators)
4. Implement Customary Working Procedures (SOPs)
5. Loyalty ways

How does Jakievious make a real effort to create relationships with shoppers? (24:53)

Why is it essential to trace KPI’s? (32:34)

How do Customary Working Procedures tie in with a loyalty program? (43:32)


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